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Default OV-10 Bronco 81"

Two servos,(and pushrods) definately. Even though one might do the job, two will help eliminate flutter. I'm even gonna go for more powerful servos, maybe 70+oz torque for all flight controls. I plan on using one RX with a 6v 1100+maH batt. I found scale and semi-scale retracts at Precision and Century jet but they're not cheap. Robart couldn't be bothered to answer my email whether or not they had something I could use.
Right now I have all componants framed and mostly sheeted. I'm now waiting for epoxy to cure on a few strenghtening modifications I made on the wing, then I can finish sheeting.
Very soon I will have to order the plastics, and choose what retracts I want to use ($$$)
Thanks for the photos and sharing your input and Ideas. Lets have a Bronco flyinn! (If spring ever comes)
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