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Default RE: AutoGyro's at SEFF

I know I had a good time. I was really impressed with Jim ripping GT17 around in that wind.
Hippo had a rotorshape also, he was kind enough to let me make a flight (at dark!).
Hippo's new design flew after we changed a few angles, but it looked good in the air.
RL was there with his whopper as well.
Doug brought a G3PO for me to check out as well, but it wasn't quite ready to fly.

By my count we had 4 G3PO's, a BEGi, 2 GT17's, A rotorshape, a whopper and Hippo's new model.
No hanger queens either, everthing flew at least once.
Great fun, we need a bigger gyro contingent next year.
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