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Default cardboard airplane plans!

Title says it all I built a glider out of cardboard, it is designed to look similar to the f-22 space shuttle and YF-23... its good looking and flys verry well considering its wing is just a flat pice of cardboard! you can (probly) use depron for a lighter airframe and put a motor on the back but i made it as a hand lanch glider built with cardboard! you may also use it for a slope plane, i have not tryed that though.

i drew it up on MS paint so it is not a scale drawing and the words are spaced funny, so it may take more then a skimming to understand it all! the basic measurements and anges are listed so you should be able to make the plane without alot of dificulty, if you have any questions please to ask!

Also, the plane is made from corogated cardboard with a little "cereal box" cardboard mixed in. i used CA glue to tack the pices together and white glue (elmers) to actuly glue everything together. use a VERRY thin layer on bouth serfaces alow to dry till tacky then press together, after it is dry run a bead of glue along it to make it strong and give a smooth look

you can use these "plans" or give em away! i realy do not care as long as you dont make money off my work! have fun, experiment and tell us what you did and how it effected the flight performance or "look" of the plane!
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