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Default RE: Team OMP Presents the Boxxer ARF!

Good point Wess. The 645s are .2 even at 6V. One of my favorite servos for standard use on 40 size planes is the 325HB. 51 oz of torque at .15 at 6V. Plenty for any 40 size plane including the Boxxer. Obviously more spped and torque means "crisper" response with any plane so you can always go up. On a 40 size plane I've seen little use for any torque over 60 oz. A faster servo is where you get the best benefit. For the ultimate servo on a 40 size plane I like the looks of the Hitec HS5245MG servo. Smaller size, lighter weight, and 76 oz of torque at .12 speed.
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