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Default RE: Robart hinges

Hi Fellows: The two things I would add to this thread is to careflully apply petroleum jelly to the pin area to make sure the epoxy does not lock up the hinge, and install the flight surface without glue to insure all of the hinge pins are lined up parallel to each other before the epoxy dries. Once the epoxy has dried, remove the flight surface, and notch for a small gap using a small round file. Then use a round tooth pick to place epoxy in the flight surface holes, and install it using a cotton swab to remove any excess epoxy that comes out of each hole. An alcohol dipped cotton swab does a nice job of removing any film of epoxy left on the covering.

If you have access to the Great Planes Slotting tool for CA hinges, try both hinge types, and get back to us what your thoughts are for each method. Enjoy your build.

Rich S.
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