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Default RE: My New CEN MG16

I recently bought an MG16 aswell, and I must be honest, this is one cool little truck. It's had about 10 tanks of fuel, and it's loosening up nicely. I've given it its fair share of bashing already, from cartwheels to flips to crashes from 2 feet high. No damage. Nothing! Compliments to the guys at CEN who designed this little monster, it wheelies all over the place, goes like an unleashed maniac and stands for quite a bit of bashing (trust me, I know!). A few comments for anyone who's looking to buy one, first of all, richen the mixture by a quarter turn before running it. I noticed someome else on the site moaning that it's an annoying truck because it keeps stalling. This is because the factory setting is a little lean causing bubbles in the fuel lines. Open the carb a bit, and the problem is solved. And you'll need a fair share of patience during the break-in period, this motor suffers severely from break in pains. Once broken in, you'll have hours of reliable fun. It's also kitted out with 2 3kg servos for quicker reactions, and a nice digital radio to match. So far my experience with this car is good, and after running it on my Mini Madness wheels, I've come to realise how good those Mini Dogbonz (Mini Madness) tires grip. That's my next purchase.

Keep on bashing!
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