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Default RE: Esky Honeybee FP Thread


I've recently got my Esky HoneyBee FP heli... At my first flight outdoors (I'm a newbie) it crashed so that those two small paddles (014) on the main rotor got slightly angled. Obviously they were both together rotated from the crash. Nothing was damaged, the axe holding those two paddles was just slightly rotated.
So, I needed to twist that small axe back so that the paddles have their original fixed pitch.
But, what's the initial and best calibrating original pitch for those paddles?

Please if anyone who knows Esky HoneyBee FP heli well, could tell me what's the original and best angle for those paddles (they are both connected to the main axe) on the main rotor.
I mean, to get them back into position, I needed to slightly and gently rotate them back and I assumed that looking at the heli and main rotor directly from aside - the paddles should look as they are 0 degrees angled - is that correct calibrating?

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