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Default RE: 1/2a speed pan

ORIGINAL: vicman

Whats cooking here Graham? First a pitch gage, now a pan. You got a bug to get over?

Yes actually. Seems I have gotten stuck in a bit of a nostalgia kick lately and have been revisiting old interests, spice of life, trying something old that's new again sort of thing - to keep the creative juices and interest flowing.

For the last year or so I have been hosting the Perky Old Time Speed postal event and that has sparked more interest in going fast again. I thought I had my fill when I tired of F5B but the embers where still burning. I have a 1/2a proto profile on the go at the moment and the idea of Vintage speed caught my imagination as well. I don't have anyplace to fly the bigger speed types but can manage the 1/2a stuff. I have plans for a Grogan design from the 50's called the Orbit that will fit the bill. Published plans show a Thermal Hopper but the cut date for engines for vintage speed (US rules) is 1964 so that includes the TD 049 - now if I could find a Thermal Hopper at a decent price (not collectors prices!).

Once you're bitten by the speed bug I guess you never get over it.

cheers, Graham

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