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Default RE: Team OMP Presents the Boxxer ARF!

I've got a question for you guys about the CG on the Boxxer ARF. I thought I was finally about finished with the plane and ready for the maiden flight until I checked the CG. I've got the plane setup with an OS70 surpass for power mounted as far back in the engine slot as possible, the RX pack as far back in the bottom wing as possible and Hitec 425BB servos all around but the plane is way nose heavy. So I pulled the stock tank off and am replacing it with a 6oz Sullivan to save what ever I can and I'm replacing the standard servo on the throttle with a HS81 again to save a little. The problem is even with the tank and throttle servo removed, it still balances with the nose tipped down a little.

How do you guys have your CG set for 3D and crazy tumbling on this plane? Is a little nose heavy the preferred way to fly this plane?
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