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Default RE: Gutted out my baja muffler and WOW


Porting the engine?
I'll let you know right now: Dropping in a good pipe, such as the Dom, Jetpro, or TGN pipe, will be the single biggest performance raising item. If you think it's powerful now, drop in a Dom. Wheelies are quite possible. Drop in a 28.5cc engine head kit, you'll have one hell of a monster of a buggy. Just hope you have enough room to drive.
Also, avoid concrete with the stock tires. You'll wear em out like nothing, and there goes precious money which could be spent on upgrades.
Your right about burning off tires on concrete. WIth the power of the weedeater motor and the weight of the cars birning up tires is pretty quick on asphalt and concrete

The pipe like Baja mentione is a huge improvement. Really wakes up the motor.
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