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Default RE: Typhoon 2 by ParkZone

The Typhoon2 has "normal" radio gear. They seem to have ditched some stuff, but the best thing is the servos aren't crappy anymore. Metal geared and digital...sounds good to me. And no, the entire plane is molded from "Z Foam" a very stiff yet extremely durable (ask the stryker guys about that) foam and the wings are hollow and ribbed just like the old typhoon, except the plastic covering seems a wee bit tighter. But that may just vary plane to plane instead of Typhoon to Typhoon2. I fly 3D foamies with 800mah lipos and get 10 minutes of hard 3D, so 1800 DOES NOT SUCK WHAT SO EVER. Here are the specs of the 2 next to each other...The one with the better results on each is bolded unless they are too close to the same thing (to compare what makes the Typhoon2 better than the Typhoon)

Typhoon Typhoon2
Wingspan: 39.5" 39.4"
Length: 34" 36.6"
AUW: 26 oz 26 oz
Motor: BL400-15T BL400-15T
Radio: 4ch FM 4ch FM ZX10 (bit better quality)
Servos: 4 POS 4 mg/digital (yes I say POS and I mean POS)
ESC: PKZ 20 AMP Eflite 25AMP
Battery: 9cell 1000 nihm 3s 1800 lipo
Flight Time: 8-10 13-17 (flight time unknown but based on battery specs)

And that is most of it straight from the website. As you can see the Typhoon2 is only $10 more so we need to find out what they did to make the prices so close. With all of the upgrades in the Typhoon2, they had to do something to the airframe or something in order to pull that off IMHO.
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