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Default RE: Typhoon 2 by ParkZone

My local hobby shop replaced my first Typhoon 2, which arrived with a dead aileron servo. Wouldn't move at all.

Got the new Typhoon 2, and went to fly it last Saturday. I asked an experienced RC pilot friend to fly the maiden
for me. He got it up in the air, and it glitched like mad. He walked towards the airplane, and got it back under
control, and landed it successfully.

We seem to have gotten a batch of Typoon 2s with bad radios. My local hobby shop has sold three or four Typhoon
2s in the past week that have some kind of severe glitching problem. They want me to pull the RX and TX to send them in for service.

I'm going to install my Futaba FASST 6 channel radio in it while it is serviced.

Chris Shaker
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