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Default RE: .60 P-36 Black Horse

Im trying to look at this one through rose colored glasses, so to speak.

Just recieved another BH model airplane today. I thought I would give one a try before I order the P-36.

The other model is a trike with as advetised some very funky covering. The glue joints look good and the wood does not feel too soft in the model. Wings are sheeted about 1/2 way across the coard top and bottom. It has an advertised AUW of 5.5 lbs and componets come out to 3.5lbs fresh out of the bag.

If the P-36 is constructed much the same way, and covered with something other then recycled mylar balloons this might make a fun Sunday flyer.

As for the retracts, yes I was talking about the lack of rotating retracts. If you leave off the plastic bulges on the wings you might be able to convince the guys at the field one of two things.

If you bother to detail it with some pannel lines and use stars abd bars tell the guys its a pre-production razorback! With enough pannel lines, and a fancy pilot they might not call you on it.

Just assemble it, fly it as is and injoy. I do hope one of the builders in this forum with good skills takes the plunge on this one and shows the right way to get it done.

Tommy D
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