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Default RE: Typhoon 2 by ParkZone

Regarding spare parts, get lots of prop shafts. I've already used up two. I made the mistake of getting lots of spare props, and am still on my first prop. The prop shafts are what I need.

Bent the first prop shaft on a crash. Had the prop gear hub split on me while flying tonight. Pressed the bent shaft out of the good gear from the other day, and put that gear on my good shaft tonight. Still have one new prop shaft left as spare.

First clue that the gear hub split was the motor revving up, with the airplane going no where.

CAUTION: Over tightening the prop nut could pull the prop shaft out of the gear hub. It's just a press fit.

My instructor is urging me to install an outrunner instead of the gearbox and inrunner...

Chris Shaker
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