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Default RE: Typhoon 2 by ParkZone

Flew the Typhoon 2 again tonight. Completed maybe three landings in the grass. Was very windy, and made
not the best landings (but I've certainly made much worse with different airplanes). Just touched the prop in
the grass, but that was enough to strip the prop shaft out of the gear. No other damage to the airplane. Didn't
even bend the main landing gear. I'm still on my first propellor.

That gear to prop shaft interface sucks. It's just a press fit, with flutes formed into the prop shaft, which are
pressed into the plastic hub on the gear. I looked at my new last spare gear, fresh in the package, and there
are stress marks in the plastic hub from where the flutes in the shaft stretched the plastic.

I'm going to replace that gearbox with a HiMax gear box that I've got on hand, or else replace the whole
assembly with a triple rotor cool wind brushless outrunner that I've got from I'm tired of
replacing the damn gear and prop shaft.

The cool wind triple ought to give a nice performace boost, and be more reliable, too:

Cool Wind Triple

Our triples have been in and out of development for about a year now, but have finally officially made it to our store! We spent a lot of time tweaking the design to perfect it. This is the cool wind version which is an 20 amp max motor. It goes great in those heavier 3d or slowfly airplanes that our singles or doubles just wouldn’t cut it for.

-2 or 3 cells
-20 amps max
-11x7 GWS HD Prop on 3s for 45oz thrust on 19 amps (7,700 RPM)
-52 grams ready to run weight
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