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Default RE: Typhoon 2 by ParkZone

I was wrong!!! Upon disassembly at home, found that the gear and prop shaft were still bonded. (I used polyurethane glue to cover the rear of the prop shaft and the plastic gear hub to strengthen the assembly.

This time, it was the nut on the motor shaft spinning inside the plastic prop hub...

Chris Shaker

ORIGINAL: cjshaker

Flew the Typhoon 2 again tonight. Completed maybe three landings in the grass. Was very windy, and made
not the best landings (but I've certainly made much worse with different airplanes). Just touched the prop in
the grass, but that was enough to strip the prop shaft out of the gear. No other damage to the airplane. Didn't
even bend the main landing gear. I'm still on my first propellor.
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