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Default RE: My New CEN MG16

Muck 76, the Pede exhaust fitted-up like original. Today I ran it with the Pede set-up and found that it performed about the same as the MG 16 canister factory set-up (slow). I tried tunning every possible combination to get maximum power but it would not run any better. I went on ahead and put my Cen manifold and CD3 pipe back on and compared the two set-ups. The CD3 pipe set-up ran much better and cooler. Looking at the Pede exhaust I now know why it did not help; the tubing is sized for a .12 engine....1/4 openings vs 1/2 for the CD3. The Pede manifold itself tubing size is just too small for good exhaust flow. I went on ahead and dremeled out the Pede manifold about 25% larger to see if this would help. I have not tried it out yet since now I am trying to put in a HPI .18 engine in it.
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