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Default RE: My New CEN MG16

Thanks for the info on the pede exhaust. I may try to make a CRT .5 pipe work as a rear exhaust.

I read your post on CEN on your .18 engine. I see you are using a SG crank.
Here is the engine i was thinking of using.
[link=]os .18cvrx[/link]
Like i had posted in CEN forum using SP34 or traxxas pilot shaft make make this work for the MG16. The engine has a prop washer all ready there. I think the flywheel will fit on the crank shaft and the pilot shaft will put the CB out to stock placement.
I believe your post said the CEN flywheel was smaller diameter for the crank, can you drill it?

Food for thought. I was going to post this on the CEN fourm but i figured they would not like OS engines link on thier site.
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