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Default RE: My New CEN MG16

The reason why I am using an SG crankshaft is due to the MG16 flywheel mounting hole is too large for a standard shaft crank. The MG16 flywheel mounting hole is meant for SG type cranks such as the MG16 .15 engine. The MG16 flywheel bore will not fit on a normal SG crankshaft because the shaft portion between the front engine bearing and the threads is larger than the CEN .15. CEN's crank is smaller in this area thus allowing the the MG16 flywheel to move tight against the prop spacer. You are right that if the CEN flywheel bore is opened up a few mm it would then fit on other SG engines. Tsais makes an adapter to go from side exhaust to a round type rear exhaust configuration so that one can use rear exhaust manifolds.
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