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Default RE: What do you think about JETLEGEND L39?

ORIGINAL: silentrunning

Thank you for your answer.
Do you know if the L39 have washout on the wing like the second version of the JL T45(not present on the first version and many crasch )
Digitech, do you have some photos for your landing gear.Do you have the price?. What is the problem on the JetLegend ?
what is the size of engine do you think to use on the model? P 120? P 160?
thank you

there is no problem with the gear , but on rough landings on grass it will collapse and or break out.
that is why you can optional get a Jet-1A Gear for it..
price is on our website
p-120 is good , p-160 has more overkill factor.
the L-39 is to scale so no changes needed , we have flown almost all versions out there , and they are easy to fly.
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