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Default RE: Initial Impressions of MONSOON truggy.

ORIGINAL: anthonyodems

i no what u mean.i got one too and after break in engine seemed to scream speed need more speed.i thought the high rev was a problem but after initial research i guess this is matter what i do to it no matter the jump it flies straight and true however,on a small jump it flipped over,broke the front and rear body mount bodies!been two months now trying to get replacement parts another downfall of redcats which needs to be addressed asap.oh and one other thing i went into hobbytown to see about shipment of parts when i noticed they got another monsoon in![:@]this one had aluminum body posts,the chassis braces were beefier than mine(mine has the two aluminum cuts in them,the beefier ones dont) and all for the same price as what i paid for mine![X(]what's the deal here????anybody have that issue?
Some do come different for some reason. I think some might be a batch sent out before a small upgrade, not sure. I do know some have only 3 body post holes, 2 in front and one in back and on those monsoons they are plastic. On others like mine for example had 4 body post holes and aluminum thicker posts. Nothing major, shock towers are the same, just the mounts are bolted to them and are aluminum. Try contacting clermont hobby to see if he can get you the parts. [link][/link] He is pretty good about getting parts.
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