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Default Skybolt & Zenoah Hmmmmmmmmm

Season's greetings to all
I have a GP super skybolt kit that I plan to go rounds with soon. The question is, does this plane typically need nose weight to balance? I also have a brand new Zenoah 20 ei that I want to power this plane with. I don't think it will over power the airframe since I live at approx 6100' altitude and a little more power is usually the norm here. The zenoah weighs 45.5 oz. with all the trimmings. I also have an old Saito 120 that weighs 40.0 oz. with an aluminum motor mount and 1/2 of a prop on it. since the kit says you can power it with a 120 I think I can get away with the Zenoah and sidestep the price of glow fuel. What do you all think. I appreciate any and all help.
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