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Also i just realized my friends on/off switchquit turning on, even if you would turn the switch to the "on" positionit wuld not work, the only way he could get it to work was to shove it "on". And it would not stay on, well my switch seems like it is doing that, cause i turn it on and it turns off when i hit a big bump. What is wrong with it? A friend said it might just be dirt in the switch. but i dont know what it is....
yep, mine did that same thing and I don't know what to do about it but it isn't that bad yet
A friend of ours has one, but, he loves doing dougnuuts in loose soil, with no body shell, so naturaly his switch got dirt, and didn't work so good[], so his dad made a "switch" by cutting off the dirty switch, and hooking up the 2 wires together, well, it didn't work very well.... personaly, I would solder them together (but you do have to remember to unplug it when done
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