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Default RE: Bad idea # 15

First of all, I have to appologize to Ecoliburger for us hijacking his I said before, if it doesn't look like it's been crashed, or had a battery or something glued in the back of the fuse, I'd just go fly the airplane.

Ok Bob...F1's burned 3 ounces a taking away the first lap as they're slow and untimmed due to the reduced speed, they burned about 3 ounces during a heat. What's the difference in the specific weight of 65% versus 15%? Basically there wouldn't be much over 3 ounces lost during the heat.

How much did your trim change in a heat? Now....reduce that amount by 1/3 because a q40 burns less fuel, and by about another 1/3 because the moment arm from the tank to the CG is about 1/3 less (and q40's tend to have longer tails compaired to the nose length than F1's did). Therefore the trim change would considerably less than your F1's.

I have never said there is no trim change due to fuel, I've just said it's not a big issue that's worth worrying about.

Any wind change is going to make a bigger difference in how the airplane flys on the course than the change in the CG due to fuel burn off.

We haven't gotten into the fact that many people (not me, however) trim their racers so they dive slightly when they let go of the elevator stick. They then must hold in some up elevator all the time. Do you really think these people can tell the difference if their elevator trim changes 1 or 2 clicks?

Like I said before, I must not be any good.
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