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Default RE: Assembly of Tettra tank

I have a Bubbless Tetra with bladder. How do I set this up. Any help thanks. I running it on TT 40
For this tank use only two lines. One line goes to the pressure fitting on the case, the other goes to the inside of the bladder and is the fuel pickup. To set this line up slide a short piece of the aluminum tubing through the cap and into the bladder. On the inside end of this tube place a piece of fuel tubing long enough to reach to the middle of the tank, no longer. At the end of this fuel tubing cut a vee into the tubing, this will prevent the collapsing bladding from blocking the end of the pickup. About a 1/4" from the end of the tubing drill or pierce a small hole across the fuel tubing through both sides. This also aids fuel feed with a collapsing bladder.

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