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Default RE: great planes learjet what engine?

1) Jett 60LX --- 9x8 prop, or a 10x6 for the first flights (use the stock jett-stream muffler, not a long pipe).

2) Jett SJ-50 (same props)

3) econo-speed setup - Thunder Tiger .46 pro, add jett muffler, 9x7 prop.

If you want fast, you must have retracts in the plane, and take the time to ensure it is light.

As noted, the plane is draggy ... not much you can do about that beyond gettign the gear up. And even so, its not going to be extremely fast.

The Jett 90LX with a 10x10 on the shaft would be nice, but it would be a weight/balance nightmare...
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