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Default RE: Looking at 2.4GHz

what 2.4 is leading to now is a features war. fasst has the signal switching but spectrum has model match. i have a 7C fasst and like it. i would say you just have to research the features of each individual radio and decide what you like for features. i decided on the futaba because i could get a radio without servos which spectrum doesn't offer in its 7 channel that i know of. i picked the 7 channel purely because its model memory was ten and the 6 channel was 5. on the spectrum its something like 20 that can be individually programmed. some people like the model match but i think i wanted to stay away from it because i can buy 2 receivers and use them on several models. I rarely bring more than 2 airplanes to fly and i can just swap those between the airplanes. just to recap i don't think one is better than the other really it will just be your personal preference what you will like. right now the features between the two radios are basically limited to two things spectrum has a nice model match feature that keeps you from accidentally trying to fly on the wrong model programming and FASST radios switch signals lessoning the chance of interference.
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