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Default RE: Trying Monokote for the first time...

I 've only used Moncoat so I can't compare. It was fairly easy to learn. I found that you Don't want the iron too hot,& when you use the heat gun, Don't get too close to your work & keep it moving!! I've been using it to make graphics & it seems to work fine. Aften I get my piece cut & place I'll put my iron on low & go over it just to get it "stuck" & then turn the iron up a notch or 2 & finish it. I've made a little contraption out of 1x2 to hold 2 exacto knives to make stripes & other graphics that have a curve in them. Just drill 2 holes in your wood the distance that you want your stripe to be. Place them in the holes( to hold them in place I put a couple of drops of med CA) & cut away. I have made stripes that look like a flag waving & other stuff. If you want wider stripes, just drill your holes further apart !! I wish I could post pics. but I have no earthly idea how !! Good luck
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