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Default RE: Trying Monokote for the first time...

Hi guys, I haven't used moneycoate for years after Ultracoat came out. I have read many threads on here where guys are extremely irritated with changes in monocoat over the years. Personally I have better results with Ultracoat but as I said I havent used momocoat in years. The biggest advantage to Ultracoat for me is that it isn't effected as bad by ultraviolet light. After a couple of seasons monocoat tends to get brittle and will crack or split easily. Ultracoat doesn't seem to do that. Maybe bcause its slightly heavier. If you make a mistake and need to pull it loose it doesn't leave the coloring on the wood, therefore ruining the piece. I always use balsa rite to seal the wood and to improve adheasion. Use 2 coats around the nose area or wherever glow fuel is present. Use what ever works for you. I wish that with 36 years of working with this stuff that I could do a better job as my finished product seldom pleases me. Practice dosn't always help.......

I covered an airplane once using the neon colors and it didn't take long for the color to fade badly in the sunlite. Looked like hell in no time. Won"t ise that stuff again.

Regards, Sugarfox
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