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Default RE: Trying Monokote for the first time...

I had always used Monocote up until last summer when i went to the hobby store for a roll of white and they were out. Picked up some UC instead. Really liked using it. I've always had trouble covering wing-tips but the other night i was recovering my beaver wing and used UC on the wing tip. I could not believe the difference, i had no trouble at all getting all the wrinkles out and making a nice job of it. My only dissapointment is that monocote has way more colours to choose from.

For a first time user i would reccomend these steps.

1. watch MinnFlyers videos
2. watch them again
3. purchase Ultra cote
4. practice on scrap pieces. ( actually used a whole roll up practicing on diff. shapes and i thought it really helped me. )
5. Cover away!!!!!
6. Be patient
7. Be patient
8. Be patient

By the way, Somegeek i'm going to build a SSE soon and have printed off your thread for reference. Best build thread i've read yet!!

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