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Default RE: 428 pylon and foam wings

I'm on a budget (poor retired guy). I have been using three strips of carbon fiber tow on the top and four on the bottom.

[sm=thumbs_up.gif]But I've been thinking about trying filament strapping tape wrapped around the wing core in a couple of places. I suspect we are over building our wings, but I don't want to be the one to find the lower limit!

I used to make a flying wing based on the Gremlin for combat and that's what we used on those wings. I wrapped the tape around in one continuous band and then skinned the wing by bagging it. I never had a wing fail. Anybody try something like that? In my next batch of wings I'm going to make one that way. I'm sure it would be more than adequate for 424 I just don't know about as a 428.

Just an idea CF and Kevlar are getting out of hand.

I have a Kevlar car cover my wife almost sold at a garage sale last month. It must be worth a couple of thousand now, bought it for $250 several years ago.

I too use 1/16 top and bottom and I always have. I've never had a wing fold, but I have had the skin separate due to being too stingy on the epoxy and or not cleaning the core adequately. My wing core templates are set up for 1/16" skins to give me exactly 1-3/16" before covering.

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