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Default RE: DX6, DX6i, DX7 thread

ORIGINAL: nuttcaze

I got a question about my new DX6i, I see a throttle hold switch, is there a seperate idle up switch? I remember a long time ago (3 months actually ) someone told me to always carry my heli with ther throttle hold on, had me really confused for the longest time cause stock Esky Tx's don't have that switch. Am I right to assume that the hold switch will prevent the motor from spinning up when the switch is turned on?
The throttle hold is the back switch on the right, but you have to program the values in at 0 in all positions, and yes with the switch down it will prevent the heli from throttling up if you accidentally hit the throttle, if you have the values set at 0. The idle up is on the left side marked gear/ flight mode. Flight mode being idle up. [)]
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