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Default RE: DX6, DX6i, DX7 thread

batter - empty
thro - esc
aile - aileron (left servo tail facing me)
elev - front servo
rudd - gyro (stock rate)
gear - empty
aux 1 - pitch (servo for right side of swash)

Belt CP - AR6100e, DX6i set to Heli, 120 degree swash

When viewing the monitor screen everything is as it should be, all sticks are right, Mode 2

the problem -
left stick - rudder (left/right works fine) BUT forward and back results in forward/backward cyclic????????,
Right stick - aileron works fine, BUT it has pitch controls on it??????????

any Ideas what I screwed up?? Did I mess up when binding , like have a switch flipped the wrong way? I tried re-binding it, no sucess
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