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Once, I needed a new hacksaw. I could clearly remember that I needed a hacksaw a few months previous, but I couldn't find one anywhere, and assumed that I never bought one. I bought a new hacksaw, used it, and put it in my toolbox. The next time I opened my toolbox, there were two hacksaws sitting right on top of everything.

Nobody else uses my tools, so I have to assume that hacksaws have some way of reproducing.

Now, fingernail clippers are exactly the opposite. I must have bought 20 fingernail clippers over the past decade, and if I don't keep one hidden in my guitar case, I can never find one. Last time I bought four at once, put one in my guitar case, and gave one to each of the kids. Anybody want to bet that I'll be buying more within a year? I haven't lived with my parents for over 20 years now, but I could walk into their house and find their nail clippers in 5 seconds. What's with that?
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