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Default RE: Anyone own an XRC?

Hey all. I got one of the XRC-RC2 buggys. Save yourself the headache. These things are really really bad quality. The rear upper arm snapped in about 20 feet. (I made new from steel). Then the front knuckle broke. The brass insert popped clear out of it. Then the square outer drives stripped. Then one of the axles broke it's pin. The drive cups at the wheels are almost ate in half. Then the trany drive stripped on the counter gear. This wouldn't be bad if this happened over a while, but I'm not through my first tank yet!! The thing was constantly doing it's own thing. The radios are HORRIBLE. BUT, the 27cc CY engine on it is amazing. Which may be why all the drive components are breaking. It really runs incredible. I've had really good luck with all my CY engines. I got ahold of XRC for warranty, they said they won't warranty anything sold off ebay because the sellers aren't authorized. So I'm stuck. It will be on ebay being parted out. If interested call me (Rob) 765-654-9892 I take paypal. I did buy a 5B Baja used with a bad engine and ended up putting this 27cc engine in it with a DDM pipe. WOW, This little CY runs excellent. I hope this helps. Rob.
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