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Default > BUYER BEWARE <

Has anyone ever ordered directly from [link=]Northeast Sailplane Products[/link]? My experience with them has been HORRIBLE and I do not recommend dealing with them directly or through their website. 4 weeks ago I ordered a [link=]Pike Electric[/link] and to date I have not heard a thing from them. I have called twice, left messages (very detailed) every time, and no response.

I heard good things about them and the sailplanes they offer but, I'd rather get a sub-par product with great customer service (or an actual requested delivery completed!) then go through NSP. They are one week from being black-listed for good. I even sent a 3rd email to Sal (the "guru" as they call him) bringing up the issue and STILL no response.

I guess they really didn't care about my $700 order.

I really would like to know where others have ordered their sail planes and also any feedback about NSP experiences. Thanks everyone.
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