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Default RE: OK Models, Baby build thread

I think you have taken the right road to better flyability by lightening the structure.
This plane and the others of the day were designed to carry and endure the weight of much heavier radio equipment. Also most were made to be more durable for the beginner so that repairs might seem more possible when you had a lot more left to work with.

In the day almost all radios were flown with the quite heavy (for models of this size) 4 penlight battery packs. Ace R/C did come to the rescue with smaller lighter battery packs to help out.

Good luch with your build but am anxiously awaiting the build for the AP powered version.
BTW you can do better than a AAA RX pack for it. Smaller and lighter that is. It would be worth your while but even the AAA pack would be an improvement over the old style.

Typical AA is about 4 ounces:

At 1.7 ounces (not too bad) the AAA is here:

Or at 6 tenths of one ounce you could have one of these:

For the same money at the same place you could have a larger capacity and still less weight than the AAA:

Many possibilities more are out there.

For more info on using Lipo batteries with the higher voltages to replace the original RX pack look here:

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