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Default RE: OK Models, Baby build thread

For the E version I am using what balsa I have on hand. The sides are 3/32, the G version has 1/8 inch sides. I will be doing a built up tali for the E and sheet for the G. I have to pick up the carbon fiber stuff this week.

I have a 2/3 AAA pack I can use. I just like more battery then I need. I will take a weight penalty if I have too. No matter what I do I should be able to cut the weight by a ton. The servos weigh less then half that of the standard servos, the AAA pack weighs a lot less the the (4) AA pack I used last time. I do think I will use balsa in place of some of the spruce and in place of the ply doubles that are called for on the plans. The ply is just way over kill for this little plane.


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