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Default RE: OK Models, Baby build thread

Well I had some time this evening to work on the Babies. I bent up the gear for the E version and got that mounted.

Next was the horizontal stab. I used the G version as a template and then made a frame out of 1/8"X1/2" hard balsa. I have a strange way of building things. I use small dabs of hot gule to hold the parts down. I put 2 small dabs on the tips pieces of the stab to hold them in place. Then I cut the trailing edge piece to fit between the tips. I put a sing dab in the middle of the trailing edge piece. Then I cut the center section. I put a small dab towards the front to hold it in place. Then cut the leading edge pieces. Then I added the ribs. After everything was glued with Ca, I sanded the top smooth. Then I use a 6 inch long flex knife to cut the part loose from the table. Sand the bottom and all done. I cut the vertical and rudder from sheet stock.

Then I started on the wings. I had to cut a few pieces. I found some balsa that was close to the leading edge pieces from the kit. I had two ailerons from an old ARF that matched the profile just right so I cut 1/2 inch of the trailing edge part to make the trailing edge for the E version.

I started by drawing out the rib locations on the board. I used the spruce spare to get the locations. Then I HG the trailing edge down. Then I put the carbon spar in one rib and Ca'ed the rib to the trailing edge then I added the rib on the opposite side of the wing to locate the spar. Then I filled in the ribs. Then I glued the leading edge on. Wing panel was done in about 10 minutes.

After building 4 panels, making sure I made 2 right panels and 2 left panels. I sanded the angle on the leading edge, spar and trailing edge Then I glued the dihedral brace to one side of one panel. Then I glued the other panel in place. Then I glued the second dihedral brace on.

Well I have one wing ready for tips and center section sheeting. The other wing panels need sanding of the center joint angles.

Thats all for to night.

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