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Default RE: UT-160 turbine? Feedback please?

I guess what you call helical diffusor is what the Germans call Vollkeil ( full wedge) diffusor.
The last version of the UT has this design. I got the drawings at Jetpower, and have spent some time comparing them to other
engines. The trumpet shape of the burners is somewhat unusual, and he has gone through much work to make tools to crimp the tubes
to the rear chamber wall, where others just solder or weld.
The lubrication tubes to front and rear bearing looks a bit old fashion, like early KJ.
The injectors are front mounted, like the Graupner G-booster. May be service friendlier?
It seems like Ulrich has no background in turbomachinery, but have just used available sources and formulas, and his mechanic common sense to construct
this engine. Maybe that is good enough? At least he has decent CAD skills.
At the rate chruigi is producing parts, we will soon know how well it goes!
And by the number of compressor wheels, I hope one of them will be put on a long term full power test?:-)

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