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Default RE: UT-160 turbine? Feedback please?


A good friend of mine is looking at building a UT-160 turbine from plans with an Albisser wheel/NGV set.
Does that mean that the rebuild is done???


Other than the diffuser, it looks pretty conventional...does it offer any advantages over what is already availalbe??

Wrong friend Wayne, its Watkinson this time...

Theoretically speaking, the helical diffuser simplifies the airflow, eliminating the losses associated with the exit off the primary vanes and the entry into the secondary vanes. For example, this is one reason why a P-70 sounds different that a P-80, even though they are remarkably similar engine designs. This style of diffuser also allows the air flow to follow a larger radius as it changes from radial to axial, which must pay back in terms of efficiency as well. Next time you have a chance to look at a KJ style 2-stage diffuser, just consider how fast the air is moving and how incredibly small that radius is...

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