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Default RE: How many Futaba 10C?

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I have one and really like what you can do for the price you pay, I like it better than the 7C I had. I fly 33%, and getting a 36% and 37% soon. This radio should be able to do what I need (2 rudder servos, 2 elevator servos, 4 aileron servos, throttle servo, ign cutoff, and smoke. Lots of mixes (some preprogrammed, some not).
You will have to do at least one Y with the setup you just mentioned, unless you want to run two seperate receivers. Channels 9 and 10 are not proportional, or even adjustable on the endpoints like on the 9Z. With the single 14 channel receiver you still would not have a dedicated single, proportional channel for the nine channels you listed.

I bought one a few weeks ago, it is an upgrade 9C with a backlight display and mucho more programming. I bought it so I could copy some of the 30 planes I own off of my 9C's campac modules. That part is terrific, especially when you have many hours in trimming and tweaking.

I have a little remorse that I did not opt for the 12 FG for $400 more, since it now has the 12+2 software upgrades available, giving you many more proportional channels, since we are still talking $200 per 14 channel receiver for the 10/12/14 channel radios.

I will start installing receivers in my large gas planes soon. I guess I will just put all those 8 & 9 channel PCM receivers on the shelf with the old reliable 9C radio. My 9Z got an 8 Channel module for 2.4 installed and is working great for my smaller, less expensive sport planes.

If you never had a 9C or 9Z and are upgrading from a 7 or 8 channel radio, the 10C will rock your world. For the budget minded, it is the most versatile sport radio out there for the money. Futaba is supposed to have a new 128 KB Campac module out soon for this radio. I am using one of Hansen Hobbies 256 modules, which adds 64 more model memory over the in radio 15 models. The old Futba 64 K campac also plugs in, but you can't transfer anything from a 9Z WC2 radio. You will just have to reprogram the module for the new 10C, then go into setting up and saving your setups.

A good friend at our small local field upgraded from the 7C to the 10C and was like a kid in a candy store with $50 to spend. I only had to look at the book for the new stuff, such as naming the radio and the newer upgraded functions the 9C didn't have. It is so easy to program, I would not hesitate to recommend it to beginners, as it should serve their needs for years to come.

I particularly like the 2048 resolution in 2.4 8 channel and 14 channel receiver usage. They still have all the auxilary channels preassigned, like on the 9C, so you will need to remember to null the aux channel, that you are mixing with programs.

Hope this clears some of the false rumors, and encourages many others to purchase. I wasn't disappointed, it has proven to exceed my expectations so far.

Happy Landings!!!
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