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Default RE: Best Flying Sport Plane??

Depends what you're ultimately after.
A good knock around plane or a good plane that'll really advance you're flying skills.
If the former... a Stick (ugly) built with a flat wing is hard to beat.
If the latter tickles your fancy, then a Tiger II is the way to go.
Kyosho, now make an AFT clone, cant remember the name but it's a Tiger without question.
If you have the funds, that's the one to get. Great quality and finish.

I'm a great believer that sports planes should be kept simple. Open type cowl, no fiddly stuff, everthing where it should be and easy to fix on the spot.
Both these planes fit that category.
Resist the temptation to get complex... it's it's the worse thing you can get for a relaxing Sunday with lots of flying.
Believe me, I fly F3A... and spend just as much time servicing engines, pipes, nose rings and a million other little things than I do flying. Possible more.
It would be good to get back to the simple days.

I've owned both of the above mention aircraft and their simplicity and ease of function is sadly missed.
Mind you, once youve flown a modern pattern plane, it's impossible to ever go back to flying anything else.
They fly so perfect, handle so well you could almost use them as a trainer.
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