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Default RE: uk budget class's

Hi Victor, the black carbon one (wasp) is one ive deigned myself, i havent got any plans done up in cad or pdf yet, ill be happy to pass them one or publish once done. ``The info below is enough if you stick to the rules on sizes on the link below to create one.
Again on the link below ill be doing a build thread for the wasp from start to finish, youll see then how basic they are to produce, the wasp is the only one that is built entially from 3mm light-ply, light but very strong.

23" fuselage lengh for the ic and 24.5" for the electric version, the only difference between the 2 is the electric version has a longer nose to accomadate the batteryy etc and makes it easier to achieve cofg
V tails are very popular but ive found them to wag thiere tails in high winds a little. crusifix works very well, guess the old rule of " keep it simple" does work, wing section that i have used is the RG14, 15 has been used and popular, f3d airfoils dont really work as were not getting up to those kind of speeds.
A lot are runing one aileron, works very well, but can be a handfull if you get caught out with low airspeed on take off and landing, as a preference i use 2 and find the nose pitching is less on a tight no1 turn compared to 1

its been designed around a set size peramerters as we have for q500.
if you check out this site youll get a load more info about them inc the rules, this part covers the new e2k class weve just got off the ground

Weve restricted the e2k planes to 4s as this kept them about the same airspeed as the ic class, (.25)and within a reasonable budget, 5s they were blistering, 6s hasent been tried but im sure it wont be long before someone tries. lol.
We use to have a few electric class's many years ago and even by todays standards are very small, most too had fizzled out years ago, so hopefully weve managed to plug a gap in the market for budget electric racing, especially with the advancement in brushless and lipos

I started off pylon in f5d and i think i went the long way round in time and money before i started to get somewhere, at the time there wasnt any leader electric class's, so it ment straight into a full blown fai class, and at that time there was no interest in the 424 class

This budget class does allow guys to build up experiance on a course, trimming, flying the course, calling etc before commiting to a faster more expensive class, and with all the basics behind them, cost if youre prepared to build for your self is min and a few crash,s or midairs wont break the bank balance, may pee the mrs off that youre stuck out in the workshop night after night. lol

speed wise, yes thiere slower than 428, q40 but as you can see from the video on a short course they dont hang around, so it keeps the die hard happy but its not a stupid speed that puts of the average club flyer as say f3d may, and its the average club flyer wholl keep a class afloat with numbers

hope that opens up a little more info on them

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