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Default RE: Composite ARF Mig29

Hi Matt,

Thanks mate. No, I have not cut out the nose doors yet....she has been on ice since the birth of my last daughter[]. to remove the pivot tubes was very easy infact. Just get yourself a small screw driver with say a 3mm wide blade. Sharpen the end to a blade and working from the outside, chisel out the tube. It will fracture into longitudinal slithers and break out really easily. I should know ....I did it twice. It is alarming how easily it fractures. This prompted me to consider putting a wrap of carbon fiber roving circumferentially around the inboard end of the tube. I am definitely going to do this once I machine some fittings for the inboard end of the pivot rods as suggested by Peter Agnew at Intairco....I will try to find some pics of them.

I just got some new tubes from comp arf and installed them. I am not overly impressed with the fit of the old or new tubes and will probably machine up some ali pivot tubes to fit neatly.
i got some high strength aluminium from Peter for the job.

Can you post some pics of yours? Did you reinforce the landing gear plates?

Hi Van,

Yeah I got some of Peter's doors also and his wheels and brakes.....they are a little smaller to fit through the door opening, a good thing in my opinion. Yours is looking very good.


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