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Default RE: Composite ARF Mig29

Been a little busy with work and other things but managed to get time in on a few things. The upper intake doors are in and so are the lower intakes. Just have to rig the rams on them. Been playing around with wheels/breaks/door clearance issues. These issues are not hard to sort out but still a pain. Based on the angle that I have my struts set to, when the gear is retracted the tires put alot of pressure on the upper airframe surface and do not allow my doors to fully close. The reason is that the brakes sit on top of the wheel hubs and not inside it. The closer you can get the wheel to the strut the more room you gain when retracting. Im going to try some allow wheels/brake that sit inside the wheels from Robart.

Decided to go with Glennis wheels on the nose due to the fact the tires/wheels have a very scale profile and this gives more clearance when retracting the nose gear. Glennis nose wheels are not as wide as the ones that come in the kits so this is a good thing in the clearnce area. I will be taking a bunch of pictures this weekend that I hope helps others.
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