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Default RE: Golden Skies Crossfire

We have now flown a four Crossfires. On CG if you have a 90 place a 1650 to 2100 mah 6 volt battery under the tank and it will balance. If you use a YS110, put the same battery at the back of the cockpit.

The YS110 is a killer motor on the Crossfire. Unlimited vertical. Extremely short takeoffs. The construction of the Crossfire is like all GoldenskiesRC aircraft, to perfection. I really enjoy that the plane is so well engineered. Everything fits correctly and like the vertical stab installation aligns itself for you.

However, I am not a fan of the manual. There are a number of mistakes and some items are listed out of order. So this would not be a good first timers aircraft to build.

We have tried the articulated landing gear. It is a blast to stall the aircraft slightly above the runway and watch the plane just settle down without a bother.

You can land the tricycle gear plane on the mains. Just be sure to not hit the tail. The entire time the plane stays completely controllable.

We tried the SPE26 motor on the Crossfire. It flew without any problems. Landings were just as smooth as with the OS90. However, I would not do it again. The physical size of the 26 is just a little too large. I moved the fuel tank to the CG and put the ignition unit and battery in the old tank position. No lead was used to balance the A/C just repositioned the flight battery.

The Crossfire has to be my all time favorite aircraft of this size. Also, I have never has business with such a decent person as Lee Schantz.
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