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Default RE: Quebec flying fields and CPTAQ

To each recipient of this E-mail: Lacolle Qc. December 19, 2008

We are asking for your assistance in our attempt to contact the Prime Minister Jean Charest and some other Ministers of the Quebec Government.

As you know, our Club has lost our flying field due to the CPTAQ action. This is because we are using this field for purposes other than agriculture. The CPTAQ (Commission de la Protection des Territoires Agricoles du Québec) is responsible for this "unfair" action.
Club Lafayette of Marieville QC went to the Tribunal d'Appel du Québec (TAQ) to win their rights to use farm fields for their activities without any success and finally lost their trial and almost gave up with this approach.

Four other clubs (Club Bross'Air, Club d'Alma, Club Lafayette et Club de St-Thimothé) are under the target of the CPTAQ and could eventually lose. We presume that the CPTAQ will eventually force all other clubs to do so.

We need to increase public awareness about this, and most of all we need to inform our Prime Minister and some other Ministers about this situation. This hobby is not only well known as a family and friendship activity practiced by persons of every age, but also is a very good way of promoting for the aeronautic industries. We are like a farm for them to possibly recruit future employees.

For those reasons, we need your help to reach our Ministers by sending these E-mails or letters written in your own words to inform them of our concerns. We need E-mails or letters to be sent from as many individuals as possible - and not only modelers. So we ask everyone, of every club, or persons they know (family, friends, known contacts and so on…), from Québec, and all other provinces of Canada and even modelers of USA to send an E-mail or a letter to our Prime Minister, and to the other Ministers mentioned below. When they get so many of these on their desks or in their mail, maybe they will finally allow us an interview so that we can explain our case. We deserve the right to be heard.
To write to the Prime Minister, use this link. We are suggesting two ways to contact him: by regular mail or by email and feel free to use both if you wish. (An English version is also available if you punch English at the top)
By mail : Mr. Jean Charest, Premier Ministre
Édifice Honoré-Mercier, 3e étage
835, boulevard René-Lévesque Est
Québec (Québec) G1A 1B4

Here are the addresses of the four ministers which MUST also be contacted:
Madame Nathalie Normandeau, Vice Prime Minister:
Madame Michelle Courchesne: Educational, sport and family Minister:
Madame Marguerite Blais: Eldest/Major Ministers:
Monsieur Tony Tomassi: Minister for the Family:

In your mail to our ministers, please provide this contact information:
M. Jean Chevalier, président for Club Modéliste Montérégie Napierville: 450-246-4543
M. Steve Woloz, MAAC Director for St-Lawrence Zone: 514-944-8241
M. Paul Burrage, MAAC Assistant Director for St-Lawrence Zone: 514-646-0536

Then finally, please forward this email to as many persons as you can and do write a letter to our ministers.

Claude Melbourne Diane Montmarquette Chevalier
MAAC # 58082 L MAAC # 75603
Field Protection Chairman Club Modeliste Monteregie
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