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Default oddified 20+2 ?????

hi people
i have just put a oddified 20+2 diff on my comanche
and im not convinced its any good.
it may be me or what but it just spins out every where
theres 3 holes
1: right near the gear
2: in the middle of the diff with allien key fitting
when ive adjusted it fully its undriveable
but ive de adjusted em and it seems a bit better.
also theres free play in the diff.
i.e when i try move it off the floor by the engine
it will turn say (roughly) half a turn then it will start turning the wheels
is this normal?
i use my car for fun
in fields dirt tracks ect..
is this diff good for this sort of conditions or is it strictly for
competion racing or drift competions?

i might be wrong and that might be the way the diff is

anyways all info would be greatfull

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