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Default RE: Great Planes Escapade .40 ARF

Tom N.

At first, I thought I had all sorts of room for components, but by the time I finished, it was getting pretty crowded.

The section of fuse between the rear of the canopy and the firewall is separated into upper and lower sections by the servo and fuel tank floors. The lower area, above the wing has what looks like a storage area, but actually is taken up by the aileron servo when the wing is attached..

The tank and throttle servo takes up the forward top section, leaving a small area beneath the pilot in front of the rudder and elevator servos. This is where I located the battery and receiver. The first receiver I tried was too large and prevented the canopy from closing, so I substituted a smaller one.

If I had been aware of this before installing the tank floor, I may have been able to locate the battery below the tank floor, behind the firewall..
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